Sunny  PKL
Strong the force in these offers is
No need to know how to transpose a matrix to get your products listed by reference or by product code.
No more duplicated or wrong EAN CODES
Never again an offer sent with the wrong prices at a too low margin.
All of this and much more in few clicks with no need to master Excel.
Have your offer uploaded in a web shop in one click.
Features You'll Adore
Save Weeks Of Work
Cut down the time you spend in excel to one third. Spend less time adjusting and fixing your data and more time getting from your data the information you need to do a better business.
Painless match of products and photos
Simply load your packing list and your photos and PKL will do the magic.
Build better offers
Thanks to the data analisys and insight provided by PKL you'll gain a better understanding on the quality of your offers. The better the offer the better the sales results.
Great Insights
See your pricing and margin by product category (distribution analisys). Know if your offer is including the right number of products for each reference to provide good sales results (depth analisys). Check your pricing strategy to see if it helps achieving the desired results.
Quality Check
See if your offers are including all the information that are required to guarantee the best chances to succeed in reaching your sales objectives. No more duplicated or wrong EAN CODES. Get a by product check of you margins.
Simple pricing
With a montly or yearly subscription you will benefit all the improvement and additional features that we'll provide to the plan of your choice. No need to install software on any device or to update any program. You can always upgrade or downgrade you plan with no obligations from your side and no question asked from our side. You can even delete your plan at any time and we'll immediately stop invoicing you.
Simple Pricing
Test drive it
You have 7 days to see if this is the right product for you.
If you find it is not giving you any help, simply go to your account settings and delete your subscription. We will not charge your credit card.
Save more money
Leverage our yearly subscription discount.
Get 2 months free for each yearly subscription.
Sleep like a baby
We do not store your credit card data.
Your sensible data does not even touch our servers.
All session data and the data sent to and received from our servers, is encrypted.
1 Month
  • Packing List Management
  • Photo Match
  • Packing Analysis
  • Price is VAT included
  • 2 Months Free if you subscribe for 1 Year